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10 applications that Google has launched in 2019

At the end of the year, we look back to analyze how it has been google work as far as mobile applications are concerned. We can talk about a very busy months, since the Alphabet company has launched a large number of applications, many of them focused on helping and making life easier for users.

In case you have missed the launch of a Google app, don't worry, because we bring you a compilation in which we will tell you about those applications presented by the company this 2019. In addition, all of them are available in the Play Store, so you can use it without problems from this moment.

10 apps launched by Google in 2019

Gallery Go

In July 2019 Google introduced Gallery Go, a photo gallery app capable of organize your images without the need for an internet connection. This application, specially designed for developing countries, can edit photos automatically and does not pose a risk to privacy, since operations are carried out locally and do not go through Google servers.

Sound Amplifier

One of the 9 most prominent features of Android 10 is Sound Amplifier, which is also available as an app on the Play Store. This tool is responsible for improving the sound of your mobile by filter, augment and amplify sounds from the real world, reducing noise so you can hear better.

Live Transcribe

Without a doubt, Live Transcribe is in the top 3 of the best applications launched by the giant this year. Presented during Google I / O 2019, this accessibility application was created for deaf and hard of hearing users, although it can be used by all users. Its operation is very simple: transcribes in real time the words and sounds of the environment, and it also allows writing on the screen.

Unlock Clock

If there's one thing Google has been particularly concerned about this year, it's digital well-being. In fact, the company has launched 5 applications for you to disconnect from your mobile. One of them is Unlock Clock, which makes you think about the time you spend with the phone showing you the number of times you unlock the device after the day.

Desert island

Desert Island is another of the apps created by Google for the social welfare of users, taking care of block most applications on your phone so that you can only use the most essential ones.


We changed the category to tell you about Bolo, designed for encouraging elementary school children with reading. As outstanding features, this Google app encourages the little ones to read aloud, helping them when they have problems and encouraging them when they do well.


Returning to the digital well-being section we find Morph, also launched during 2019 and similar to Desert Island. However, when it comes to blocking apps, you can choose which applications you will need at each moment of the day. For example, if you know that you need WhatsApp at work, you can configure it like this to access only that app while you work.

Google go

Google's commitment to countries where Internet connection is limited is real, which is why it has also developed Google Go, the lightweight version of its search engine. Weighing only 7 MB, this search engine works even when network connection is unstable. In addition, when there is no Internet connection, the app stores the searches to load them when it is available again.

We Flip

If you didn't like the previous digital wellness apps, you can try We Flip, oriented towards technological disconnection in group. To do this, all members' devices must have the app installed. When this is the case, a switch will appear on the screens that they must activate to begin the digital disconnect session. As soon as one of them decides to leave, so will the rest of the participants, who will be able to see how the experience has gone through informative data.

Post Box

Also designed for digital well-being, Post Box takes care of collect all the notifications from your phone and show them to you at the time you choose. In this way, you are not always waiting to see what notices you have received. In addition, the app can organize notifications by categories and send them to you as a group several times a day.